ENERGY SAFETY GROUP took part in INUDECO International Conference

ENERGY SAFETY GROUP took part in INUDECO International Conference

ENERGY SAFETY GROUP took part in INUDECO International Conference

Energy Safety Group became a participant of the 8th INUDECO International Conference “Problems of decommissioning of nuclear energy facilities and environment restoration”. The INUDECO 2023 was held online from April 27 to 28 in the city of Slavutych. The topic of the conference was “Nuclear Energy: the Challenges of War”.

165 participants from over 20 countries registered for the conference. During the two-day event, about 60 presentations and reports were delivered, which the INUDECO organizers will traditionally compile in the conference procedeengs.

The reports and presentations were devoted to the analysis of the situation that the nuclear power industry of Ukraine has confronted since the beginning of the large-scale war unleashed by russia against Ukraine. The participants discussed such issues as experience of the war in Ukraine, nuclear generation in the conditions of post-war reconstruction, nuclear and radiation safety of the country, as well as the development and safe future of nuclear energy. After all, the whole world now is witnessing how a peaceful atom can be used for military purposes.

At the opening of the conference, during the plenary discussion, the mayor of the city of Slavutych, Yuriy Fomichev, spoke about the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, which has been under occupation for more than a year. By the actions of the russians, the Zaporizhzhya plant has actually been turned into a military base, thus placing a humanity under continuous threat of repetition of the 1986 nuclear tragedy. Indeed, no mechanisms have been found yet to protect nuclear facilities from criminal acts, demonstrated by russia today. A separate topic for discussion was the consequences of occupation of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, contaminated with the remnants of weapons and ammunition. This is the reason for changing the ecosystem and a real ecocide on the territory of our country.

At the same time, Director of the Institute of Nuclear Power Plant Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Anatoliy Nosovsky, noted that the experience of nuclear power during the war is unique and it is necessary to analyze it and make recommendations to improve the readiness of nuclear facilities. Among the pertinent issues for consideration are the use of sites, use of spent nuclear fuel storage facilities, emergency preparedness, monitoring, stocks of necessary materials for the operation of energy facilities, diesel fuel reserves, availability of mobile power supply units, personnel work and rotation.

On the second day of the INUDECO 2023 conference, the international panel “Nuclear Energy in Ukraine: Recovery and Development” was presented by the Ukrainian Nuclear Society. The purpose of the discussion was to provide exhaustive overview of the current state of Ukraine’s nuclear power industry to the international community.

As Executive Secretary of the Ukrainian Nuclear Society Danylo Lavrenov noted, Ukraine is not alone in its desire to restore, start or accelerate the development of projects in the nuclear industry. To date, many countries are resuming or actively launching their nuclear energy programs. The war in Ukraine has prompted many countries to review their own energy policies and strategies due to russia’s energy blackmail in order to find a reliable, safe, and most importantly, clean, low-carbon source of energy, which is nuclear energy.

Additionally: This year the INUDECO 2023 conference was held with a charitable purpose. During the conference, funds were collected for the purchase of a double-sided S/U/S training stairs for the rehabilitation department of the municipal non-profit enterprise “Slavutych City Hospital”, for the future Rehabilitation Center “Human clinic”.