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Energy Safety Group - a group of companies headquartered in the Czech Republic
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ES Group Europe s.r.o.

The key activity of ES Group Europe s.r.o. is the initiation, preparation, support and implementation of projects in the field of nuclear and thermal energy.

ES Group Europe s.r.o. provides a range of services for foreign partners operating in the Ukrainian nuclear energy market and acts as their local representative.

The range of services includes:

— selection of the optimal equipment (analogs) of Ukrainian manufacturers
— design and engineering work
— calculation and analytical justifications
— development (or adaptation) of reporting documentation in accordance with Ukrainian norms and standards
— certification and licensing
— other related services to ensure the successful implementation of projects.

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    Republikanska 1102/45
    Lobzy, 312 00 Pilsen
    Czech Republic

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ES Group Ukraine

Over the years of ES Group Ukraine (ES Group LLC) existence, we have implemented and participated in many complex high-tech projects aimed at improving efficiency and safety for Ukrainian energy facilities, primarily for nuclear power plants.

ES Group Ukraine is a partner of well-known world brands, with which we initiate, prepare, accompany and implement complex projects related to the implementation of systems for the prevention and management of severe accidents, including within the framework of post-Fukushima events.

Among them, in particular:

— the decrease in the concentration of hydrogen in the hermetic enclosure of the reactor in case of beyond design basis accidents,
— implementation of the post-emergency monitoring system,
— the system for forced release of pressure from the enclosure,
— the system for preventing early bypassing of the containment,
— and others.

We also supply, implement and provide service maintenance of equipment both for systems important to the safety of nuclear power plants and for general industrial purposes. We carry out research work on substantiating the safety of nuclear power plants using deterministic and probabilistic methods, expert and analytical work in the field of nuclear energy. We develop design and estimate documentation and working projects for the integration of equipment into the NPP project, as well as regulatory and operational documentation, including the standards of NNEGC “Energoatom”.

We are interested in everything new and innovative: we follow developments, interesting technical solutions of colleagues and partners, we participate in professional discussions, conferences and seminars.

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    Laboratornyi Lane, 1, office 244,
    Kyiv, 01133, Ukraine

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ES Group Hungary Kft.