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High Standard Engineering is the hallmark of every Energy Safety Group project.

Energy Safety Group (ES Group) implements projects at energy facilities in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, and Armenia, constantly expanding the geography of projects.

We are experts in the management of complex projects focused on the improvement of efficiency, reliability, and safety of energy facilities.

ES Group is guided by the slogan “High Standards Engineering”, which is achieved through the implementation of a management system in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 19443, the use of project management at all stages of the project implementation, as well as a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals who constantly improve their skills and knowledge to achieve the best results in everything we do.

By choosing us as partners, you choose innovative and efficient technologies, top-level specialists, high-quality engineering, and comfort in communication. Our team consists of professionals who started their careers in energy facilities around the world. Our projects are life, this is a relentless movement towards safer and cleaner energy of the future.

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Our mission

We see the future in energy independence and develop our own cost-effective solutions for the energy industry field to provide the highest quality services.

Our Vision

An integrated approach to the implementation of projects in the energy sector. We focus on ensuring the safety, reliability and efficiency of the latest technologies being introduced.

Company values

In our daily work, the main reference point for us is the company's values. Namely: safety, openness, efficiency, innovation, pace, united team.
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Safety is our foundation. Strict observance of safety rules guarantees our confidence in the reliability of the projects being implemented and the tasks performed. We constantly care about the safety of people and the environment – this is the main principle of our work.
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Innovation is the key to the success of our company. We never rest on our laurels and constantly contribute to the development of our staff, company and industry in which we operate. And already today we know what we will be tomorrow.
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We are open and honest with our customers, partners, suppliers and ourselves. Trust is based on openness and, as a result, the successful achievement of joint goals. Our team follows high ethical standards, which are an integral part of our work.
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Time is our main resource. We live and work at a modern pace. Compliance with deadlines is mandatory for each of our employees, no matter what task they perform. And most importantly: the competent use of time today is our new opportunity tomorrow.
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We use our capabilities as efficiently as possible and constantly improve our work processes. We know exactly which of the options for solving the problem is the most rational, since in our work we place the highest demands on ourselves.
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United Team

Behind each of our work and the results achieved are people. Our team is what we value. We create ample opportunities for our employees to unlock their potential. We make sure that working in our team is comfortable. After all, only by working for pleasure can we achieve the highest goals.