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We say "High Standard Engineering" - we mean Energy Safety Group (ES Group).
This is a defining feature of any project carried out by a group of our companies.

Energy Safety Group (ES Group) conducts its activities in the field of energy and successfully cooperates with the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex, including foreign ones. The company’s activity is initiation, preparation, support and implementation of complex projects aimed at improving the efficiency and safety of energy facilities.

The company is guided by the slogan “High Standard Engineering”, which is achieved by the implemented management system in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 19443, the use of project management at all stages of project implementation, the presence of highly qualified experienced professionals who constantly improve their professional skills.

By choosing us as partners – you are choosing new interesting and effective technologies, high-class specialists, high-quality engineering and comfort in communication. After all, all of us – both managers and engineers of ES Group – have higher education in the field of nuclear energy. In addition, most of our team was born and / or began their careers in satellite cities of Ukrainian NPPs. That is why nuclear energy for us is life, it is a relentless movement forward, it is the future of Ukraine.

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Our mission

Implementation of complex projects in the power industry. We focus on improving safety of nuclear power plants at the highest professional international level.

Strategic Objectives

To become the largest engineering company at the Ukrainian nuclear energy market (EPC contractor) as well as to develop our activities in the EU market thanks to our broad range of experience.

Company values

There are six of them: “One step ahead”, “Responsibility for the result”, “Efficiency”, “One team”, “Respect” and “Safety”. They can be explained by the following statements:
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We respect our customers, partners and suppliers. We always listen carefully and hear each other, regardless of the positions held and the place of work. We respect the history and traditions of the industry. The achievements of the past inspire us to new victories.
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Safety is our top priority. In our work, we primarily ensure the complete safety of people and the environment. There are no trifles in safety – we know the safety rules and follow them, preventing violations.
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One step ahead

We strive to be a leader in global markets. We are always one step ahead in technology, knowledge and qualities of our employees. We foresee what will happen tomorrow, and we are ready for it today. We are constantly developing and learning. We try to work better every day than we did yesterday.
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Responsibility for the result

Each of us bears personal responsibility for the result of our work and the quality of our work before the state, industry, colleagues and customers. In our work, we set ourselves the highest demands. It is not the effort expended that is evaluated, but the achieved result. A successful result is the basis for our new achievements.
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We always find the best options for solving problems. We are efficient in everything we do – while fulfilling our goals, we use the company’s resources as efficiently as possible and constantly improve our work processes. There are no obstacles that can prevent us from finding the most effective solutions.
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One team

We have common goals. Working in a team of like-minded people allows you to achieve unique results. Together we are stronger and can achieve the highest goals. The success of the employees is the success of the company.